Passionate about helping patients.

Dr. Sherman Cole is dedicated to helping people through the difficult times in their life. His goal is to provide relief from the depths of depression and other psychiatric issues that keep someone from enjoying life. With his easy to talk to personality, he discusses your life and focuses on your journey to recovery.

Dr. Cole earned his medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and graduated with departmental honors in psychology. Since he graduated, he has continued to be a student of psychiatry, continuing to learn about the latest techniques and practices to be able to continue serving his patients with the best care.

After medical school Dr. Cole served six years in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army where he completed his residency. Upon completion of service with the U.S. Army he received the Army Commendation Medal.

Throughout his career he has worked through the American Psychiatric Association, on the local level as well as the national level. His goal is to help advance the treatment of anxiety and depression and other disorders. Dr. Cole cares about educating people about mental health and to encourage positive attitudes regarding the perception of mental health.

As a leader in the community, Dr. Cole was one of four individuals in 2016 to receive the Community Service Award at an event at Research Medical Center. The other leaders honored included the Kansas City Chief of Parks and Recreation, the Dean of the Rockhurst University/Research College of Nursing, and the lead pastor of one of the area’s largest churches.

Dr. Cole has a serious commitment to his patients and wellbeing. This commitment has led him to providing the services of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Dr. Cole wanted to be able to help his patients who felt as though they were at the end of their rope. They did not feel as though anything was working to help their problem. These forms of therapy have given the opportunity for a better day for patients and Dr. Cole has seen positive results with both services. He is delighted as he is grateful to hear from patients, “I don’t know where I’d be right now. Dr. Cole saved my life.”

As an active member in the Clinical TMS Society, he is knowledgeable with the current advances in TMS devices, such as recent refinements in the stimulation head. He is also enthusiastic about pending developments of TMS to treat other disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Dr. Cole likes TMS provides the means for patients to continue their jobs or other activities, while they are experiencing significant relief from depression.

Dr. Cole and his wife are now empty nesters and are enjoying their time together. He enjoys outdoor activities and serving in the community.

Dr. Sherman Cole