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Dr. Cole's objective is to provide patients with relief from depression and offer the opportunity to live an intentional life to the fullest. Dr. Cole's number one focus is you and your path to recovery. 

If you have had depression but have had no progress with traditional treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), can be effective. Dr. Cole's practice focuses on the delivery of TMS to provide relief from depression for every patient.

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Get Back to Living. 

Dr. Cole is focused on improving the lives of those patients that have fought depression for years and are still suffering. If you have tried several medications and utilized talk therapy but are still unable to get your life back, reach out to Dr. Cole to help turn your life around.

From his success in Medical School, to his service in the Army, and his local and national level affiliation with the American Psychiatric Association - Dr. Cole has been awarded honors and accolades for his leadership in the field. He brings compassion, experience and knowledge to each client and cares to ensure they get the critical help they need. He does this with customized care and connections with clients.

His objective with patient care is to get the individualized results for patients and for each individual to understand that seeking treatment is overwhelmingly worth getting back to a fulfilling life. Dr. Cole and his staff ensure patient comfort, safety and privacy every step of the way.

For the best local TMS therapy, contact Dr. Cole today. Learn more about his experience and enthusiasm to work together with you to get you back to living life to the fullest!


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